Hey, I’m Justin Fisher. I’m not really partial to having a bio. Most of the time, they are just a poorly written boast. Or they sound really lame and contrived when written in third person. I know you didn’t have someone else write that for you. Anyway, I feel obligated to write one due to marketing myself in the “digital world”. So here it goes…..
I’m an Audio Engineer, Producer, Musician….Husband and Father.

What the heck do I do?
I record/mix/produce/master music
I do audio pro production for film, documentaries, TV, etc
I do record voiceovers and mix audio for radio and TV
I do editing….lots of editing….and I’m fast at it
I do original music composition and produce music to help it become the best it can be
I play guitar, program/sequence, and sing.
I write mostly electronic styles and hard rock music under the moniker – Glitch Factor.

Notable stuff…

– Worked at SmithLee Productions as an Audio Engineer since 2003

– Adjunct Faculty at Webster University since 2004 teaching Audio 1 and Pro Tools.

– Won an Emmy and two Telly Awards.

– Notable names I’ve recorded include R&B artist Brian McKnight, actor Ken Page, bassist Tom Kennedy, famed singer Fontella Bass for the band Cinematic Orchestra, comedian Greg Warren, Angelo Balestier (bassist for Santana)

– I’ve done records for illphonics, Black Fast, Murder Happens, The Educated Guess, Bears on Fire, The Makeshift Gentlemen, Exit 714, Jennifer David, Lida Una, Gail Bliss, and an textbook audio supplement for Earl Henry, just to name a few.

– I’ve worked on the following films: Ghost Image, Deadline in Disaster, Trustees for the Public, Teenage Atomic Zombies in the Twenty-First Century, and Tapestry of Shadows

– I’ve done commercials for SSM Healthcare, AAA Insurance, Unicef, Columbia College, New Frontier Bank, The Bank of Edwardsville, Car Credit City, and hundreds more.

– My clients include Disney, Anheuser-Busch, Lucas Arts, John Deere, Ameren, Monsanto, Emerson, HP, Elsevier, APC, Hussman, Maritz, KTVI, Enterprise, and Shop N Save among others.

– I record a many collegiate A Cappella groups from Wash U, SLU, and Missou

– I specialize in Hard Rock, Industrial, most Electronic styles, Hip-Hop, and corporate/commercial Post Production

  1. Microphone Shoot-Out

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