Apple Doesn’t Care About Media Professional People

Posted: June 13, 2013 in Music Industry, Pro Tools
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Apple Doesn't Care About Media Professional People

I was pretty stunned by the news of Apple’s new cylindrical Mac Pro.   Because of it’s amazing speed?   Because of it’s ground breaking design?

No…..because of it’s ability to immediately piss off thousands of Pro Tools users around the word with its exclusion of internal expansion….namely PCIe slots.
Audio professionals have been waiting for an updated Mac Pro for YEARS now.   Apple neglected to updated the highly sought after computer for a long time.  When they released specs on a new machine last year, it came with lackluster reviews, mainly because the specs where barely any different than a 5 year old model.

Now, with the release of the new Mac “Trash Can”, Pro Tools HD users are left completely in the dust.  Without PCIe, Pro Tools users will have to purchase costly Thunderbolt expansion chassis, adding thousands of dollars to the purchase price of the computer. …IF Pro Tools HDX even supports or works well with this technology)

Video and 3D modeling users are in a worse predicament since a replacement video card is completely out of the question.

Unfortunately, we are in the age of laptops and disposable computers.  Expansion and upgradeability have been tossed out the window.   Consumers are expected to buy a new computer almost every year.   My Mac Pro in the studio that runs Pro Tools HD  is going on 7 years old.  It’s still working like a champ, but it’s about time to switch.  That kind of longevity is being phased out buy money hungry corporations like Apple who only care about what’s being sold CURRENTLY…..not what they have sold already.

Another little piece of information that came to me today was the exclusion of OMF export in Final Cut Pro X.

I have a client that needs me to do an audio mix on a film trailer.  I asked my client to send me a DV video file (unfortunately the best format for Pro Tools) and export me an OMF so I have the individual tracks and audio elements.  “What’s OMF?”, he asks?    I have yet to use FCPX so I went out to the internet to find the menu options for exporting OMFs in FCP.   To my surprise, I find that Apple thought it would be a GREAT idea to remove the OMF/AAF export feature from FCPX altogether!

I’m speechless!

You can NOT do a decent audio mix in video editing software.

How does Apple expect people to give audio to a professional to mix?  How does Apple expect FCP to be taken seriously and used in the pro world?

They don’t……they can’t…..They don’t care.

Apple has officially showed their true colors.   Their main customers are teenagers, hipsters, and fanboys buying iPhones and tablets.   All of those media professionals that kept their company afloat during the tough times are being put out to pasture.   Without us, Apple would have died a quick death in the mid late 90’s.

So, maybe it’s time to take the hint a leave you behind Apple.  We’ve had a good run.  The studio will be upgrading soon when Pro Tools 11 comes out.  And since Avid has made some big changes as well, we will have to fork out 10’s of thousands of dollars in upgrades.  A PC may be at the studio when we upgrade.  I guess my Hackintosh I built for home few years ago was foreshadowing the future and making for the perfect transition from my G5 to a shiny new Windows box running Pro Tools 11.

EDIT 06-14-13

Here’s a really great article on what the Mac Pro means for engineers and “Pros”


EDIT 7-22-13

Found this great image while browsing Reddit that perfectly exemplifies my issue with the new mac pro.

New Mac Pro 2013

New Mac Pro 2013

  1. Porkchop McGilicuddy says:

    Hmm. Sounds like you need Logic Pro!

    • glitchfactor says:

      Logic isn’t an option. Pro Tools isn’t the problem apple is. I’d rather be running PT on a PC than Logic on a Mac. In a a studio environment such as ours, we need Pro Tools HD for stability at high track counts and ZERO latency while tracking.

  2. Julian says:

    Things like this put me at peace about having followed my gut and picked up a custom rackmount computer from Cryptic Globe. I’m sitting on a 3.6ghz 2011 Chipset i5 with 16 gigs of ramm, a 750 watt psu to run my 3 UAD-2 Duo’s. Needless to say, I’ve hardly tasked the computer on a session…ever. Steve Lamm knows what he’s doing and can put together anything you want. super quiet and is actually faster and stronger than most mac pros at even $1k more than I paid for mine. I paid less then $2k and we all know that with Mac, it is easily possible to add on to a Mac Pro and put it over the $4k mark. I trusted my gut and write-ups like this(you’re not the only one Glitch), most certainly put me at peace with having trust it.

    • glitchfactor says:

      I’ve got no problems with PCs. I’ve just always run Pro Tools on a Mac and I find it works better that way. The time I ran Pro Tools on a PC felt like I had my hands tied behind my back.

  3. jimmydulinen says:

    Your article is spot on and addresses the real concerns of audio professions…. Namely ones like myself who use aging ProTools HD systems and are in line for upgrading to the new HDX platform.

    There’s something very wrong with the concept of investing thousands of dollars into the new HDX cards when they won’t even fit into the newest Mac Pro.

    • glitchfactor says:

      I’ve been having extensive talks with people on this topic and apparently I’m in the minority. I do stand by my statements though. I do know what all the HDX users out there are going to do moving forward. You can always add more cards to your existing tower macpro for more power, BUT as new plugins come out, they will be using a new OS, which the old Mac Pros probably won’t support.

      There is always the option of thunderbolt expansion chassis, but that will cost you just as much as the computer to link up 2 or three cards.

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