Browser based audio/music apps

Posted: June 4, 2012 in Uncategorized

A friend of mine showed me something this week that really opened my eyes to what the future holds for audio software. There is a website called AudioTool ( that is an electronic music producer’s dream. This site is a virtual studio full of synths, drum machines, and effects galore all running directly from your web browser.  It’s pretty damn amazing.

With a halfway decent computer and internet connection, you can create some great sounding songs ON the internet. gives you a wide range of goodies to play with including but not limited to emulations of the 303, 808, 909, Moog effects/synths, Boss-like footpedals, a TENORI-ON style synth, and many more tools. There is a small mixer to sum all the channels together with onboard EQ, panning, and aux sends.

There are preset groups of gear that you can load up and get going quickly, or you can create your own virtual tabletop synth heaven from scratch.  It all runs pretty seamlessly with no hiccups.

The best part is the built in sequencer where you can record and playback your songs (with automation).

Screenshot of

The audiotool website itself is also a community where artists can upload and share their creations.
The possibilities are endless for what we can now do in a browser.  Who knows.  Maybe in the not so distant future, our computers will have ONE application installed…an OS/Browser.  I’m sure that’s the way the software companies would like it (more control over piracy).  Coming from a tech background, it honestly scares me quite a bit, but at the same time, there are really cool implications for this kind of technology.   I’ve also seen small DAWs running in a web browser like and other sites like it are just the beginning.



  1. Hiya, just curious what is DAWS? I heard so much good stuff about MYNA which is now shut down. Now I’m looking at both soundation and Audiotool, which do you think has the better functionality? Finally I can’t remember the name of it – not autotuner, another one it was way better, do you know if there is such a tool on either of those platforms? I prefer to work with vox, and not use autotune stuff if I can help it, but I do like having the functionality :/ – Plus I just can’t be junking up my deadbeat laptop at the moment.

    • glitchfactor says:

      DAW stands for Digital Audio Workstation. It’s just a generic term for any piece of multitrack recording software like Pro Tools, Cubase, Logic, etc….

      I’ve never heard of Soundation or Audiotool.

      You’re probably thinking of Melodyne. That’s really the only big mainstream tuning software.

  2. evajasmine says:

    nice article about audio instruments. this article will help to turn everyone to know more about sound instruments and their career. thanks for sharing this article

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