Today is the happiest day of my life….and I’m way late!

Posted: January 6, 2012 in Pro Tools

I was having this problem with my Pro Tools LE 8 rig at home.  It was driving me so crazy (preventing me from getting ANY editing work done) that I actually spent more time looking up prices for 9 crossgrade than doing work.

I ended up figuring this problem out on my own.  (Although it’s one of those “workaround” fixes) But in my journeys on the Avid DUC, I hit the Pro Tools 8.0.3 release notes which includes bug fixes.  Now, being that we’re on Pro Tools 10 I’m a little late in figuring this out and quite frankly a bit upset that I didn’t know this 2 years ago.

In 8.0.3 there is a little feature at the bottom of the Options menu called “Edit/Tool Mode Keyboard Lock”.  I have been screaming for YEARS that you can’t lock the trim tool in place causing me to inadvertently time compress regions rather than trim them.  I’ve been on the verge of punching my LCD monitor many times on those LONG editing sessions.  I could never understand why Avid never added this feature.  I even went so far as to post it on Ideascale.  Well, they DID fix and…and a while ago too!

This is a happy day indeed!  No more wasted editing time!  HOORAY!!!!

  1. Yeah, I remember when I upgraded from pt7, it was basically for that feature. I know how ya feel 🙂

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