Sweetwater, what are you smoking??? An ode to the 421

Posted: May 19, 2010 in microphones

Here’s an excerpt from the Sweetwater catalog……a description of the Sennheisser MD 421

“The unique shape and award-winning clip design make it easy to place the mic correctly beneath the cymbals and around any cluttered drum hardware…”

Hmmm…..that’s funny.  This is praising the 2 things I hate the most about this microphone.  Was this written by someone who thinks this mic is side address or something? #1 the 421 has THE WORST clip system I’ve ever dealt with.    You blow on it and the mic falls off.  On multiple occasions  I’ve put duct tape around the whole thing so it WOULDN’T fall off!

#2 I specifically use ANOTHER MIC like a 414 when I have a cluttered drum set.  These are impossible to place when there are a lot of cymbals or when the drummer likes to place the toms at a 90 degree angle.   If the 421 was side address it would be a completely different story.

Anyone that has spent a day tracking drums know exactly what I mean.

So…..sweetwater……what are you smoking?


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